Real estate professionals who work hard, smart and get proven results have many daily duties and responsibilities. These activities may be income-producing or administrative, but they are typical in the life of a successful real estate agent.

Administrative duties include:

• Expediting real estate documents and agreements

• Coordinating appointments, previews, showings, inquiries and offers

• Preparing house flyers, advertisements, and other promotional materials

• Initial and ongoing data entry of listing information and photos

• Implementation,  modification and reimplementation of marketing  listings

• Managing and maintaining customer and client databases

• Analyzing active, pending and sold listings to ensure optimal listing marketability

• Responding to telephone calls, emails, etc., from current clients and potential customers

• Keeping all real estate and listing information updated in print media and online directories

• Providing consistent communication to all home selling and home buying clients

In that administrative duties consume so much time, many agents utilize an assistant and/or automation to help them complete the day to day tasks. They are then able to do more income-producing activities and become more effective in getting homes sold.

Lead generation (the finding of clients) is one of the most important jobs of real estate agents who are at the top of their game. Spheres of influence (SOI) is one strategy that generates leads based upon people that the agent knows (family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, business associates, and social contacts).

As a matter of fact, every person an agent meets might be a potential client or a referrer of clients. That means that part of an agent’s day will be spent meeting and speaking with lots of people – giving out a lot of business cards – and following up with those contacts accordingly.

Face-time (e.g., keeping the agent’s name fresh in the mind of all potential clients) is very important and is best accomplished by effective and ongoing print advertising. Floor-time (greeting walk-ins and taking telephone calls) is another way that agents connect with new prospects

In today’s world, many leads also come from online inquiries from potential buyers (and sellers) who see listed properties for sale and then contact the respective agent to get more information or to set up a property showing.

It’s not easy for real estate professionals to balance their time and complete the many daily activities – but that’s what the successful agents do.

Larry Stoller is a broker and Realtor with Real Estate Five of the Lowcountry.,,