Powerful lightning storm front passes over residential houses, focus on the house, long exposure

For most, being “hurricane ready” often involves a list of what to store and cover for their home’s outdoor items, destinations to evacuate to, important documents to grab and the typical home interior tasks (unplugging appliances, food removal, pets, etc.).

However, this plan is made for leaving your house in case of an actual hurricane looming.

What often is missing is a plan for a downgraded hurricane or severe storm – when the decision is made to stay.

Our homes are comforted with the convenience of 24/7 electricity, air conditioning, chilled food, ice and water, internet Wi-Fi, plumbing and more. When severe storms can take out easy to access utilities (and sometimes for extended periods of time), it’s better to have a plan B ready to keep your family safe and secure during the storm outages, with power.

How? Generators are often the one piece of equipment many people wish they had for their home after the need arises for one. It’s easy to think of backup generators for major power disruptions, but with hurricane and tropical storm season upon us in the Lowcountry, it could be your best tool in your tool bag to have for both lengthy and shorter power outages.

You might already be thinking of the old-school, gas-powered portable generators that required you to drag out your equipment and pull start (a few times!) to get your power started before you plug in your essentials.

Today, we find lighter in weight, convenient, automatic with monitoring, and easy to operate backup generators available to consumers and at an affordable price. Within seconds of a utility power disruption, your generator can be ready to power your property! It can make life a little more comfortable during any type of storm that knocks out or severely reduces power strength.

Let’s not forget that adding a backup generator to your hurricane and storm preparedness plan means hiring an experienced company with experienced technicians. They can help you choose the best fit for your home as well as plan for safe and correct installation. They will also assist you in understanding the capacity of a generator, the appliances that can be used on it, how to operate, and more.

Having a backup plan that includes a generator will bring you less worry and fuss before, during and after a storm. It’s a smart investment for safety and comfort.

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services, has been providing residential and commercial whole-home services in the Lowcountry for 20 years. gotosuperior.com