Do they have a rule book for people who share cars? I think I am going to have to find out what the rules are. Hubby and I are going to downsize to one car.

Eighteen years ago as we got ready to move south in retirement, Hubby asked me if I was going to need my car after I retired, and did I plan on taking it with me.

I had no intention of giving up my car, and yes, I was going to take it with me.

I did point out to him that he had a problem. He did not own a car. The cars he had used for the past 35 years were company cars, and I had a feeling he was not going to get one as a parting gift.

He solved his problem by buying his car from the company that leased them.

As far back as I can remember I have had a car, and it was my privilege to ferry four kids (and half the neighborhood) around.

At one point I felt that motherhood was judged by the mile: It was never-ending trips to school to drop off or pick up, afterschool activities from scouts, sports, lessons, etc.

I was never so happy as when my son got his license. Having to take and pick him up from work was a pain.

As soon as he had enough money put aside for insurance and a small nest egg for upkeep, the VW bus was his. He got to drive his sisters around, and I got a little Honda.

Sharing a car, who owns it?

Who is going to make sure it has gas?

The indicator light on mine has never gone on. Hubby will go miles with the light on, like it’s a challenge.

Then there is keeping the car washed. He does not understand the concept of opening up doors and cleaning the inside.

So we will have one car. Do I have to make an appointment to use it? Or is it a matter of the first one to drive off in it is in luck?

Hubby has been using the one I drive from time to time because it’s larger and he has been hauling things to give away or to the dump.

I don’t mind having to readjust the seat, the mirrors; I am a nice person.

But the radio? Come on. Keep your hands off the radio.

First off I only had three months free use of the Sirius XM satellite radio service, then I would have to pay.

My son, aware of how cheap I am, knew I would just revert to the regular system. He put my radio on his plan. This is my forever gift from him to me, not for Hubby.

Plus it is a pain to reset. So I have the radio set on a classical country station, and I am happy.

So one of the rules on sharing a car will have to be: “Don’t mess with the radio.”

I am sure in time we will work out the other rules. I know that I will no longer just take off any time I want and the same will go for Hubby.

We will share the car, no problem, but not the radio.

It’s mine.

Margaret Griffin has lived in Sun City Hilton Head for 17 years.