Paisley has learned to adapt, and even thrive, on three legs. COURTESY PALMETTO ANIMAL LEAGUE

It’s difficult in animal rescue to see a young, energetic dog being held back from life due to a catastrophic injury. But when these broken pets come to Palmetto Animal League, we see each precious soul as the next beautiful comeback story.

So it has been with Paisley. She came to PAL in May – with the painful sting of barbed wire, unforgivingly wrapped around her back right leg, exposing both flesh and bone. She was too malnourished to undergo surgery right away, so we made it our mission to get her healthy.

At times, it was hard to keep her eating and on the right track, but our compassionate team worked tirelessly. A few weeks later, a very appreciative, much healthier Paisley was ready to free herself from that badly mangled leg that was responsible for limiting her mobility.    

After a life-changing surgery to remove her irreversibly compromised leg, Paisley made that big comeback we envisioned for her. With physical therapy three times a day, she worked her way up to brisk walks and eventually found her stride.

“Paisley made incredible progress at PAL,” said kennel supervisor Shelby English. “She can finally do all the ‘dog things’ she couldn’t do before. She loves to run and play on three legs!”   

PAL works with many rural, underfunded shelters throughout our area to save animals like Paisley who are at risk of losing their lives. PAL serves as a safety net to keep as many animals as possible from falling through the cracks of the traditional sheltering system.

“Paisley loves to goof around and she’s also very loving,” English said. “She just wants what any dog wants – daily walks or backyard time, food and, above all, love.”

Because of good-hearted people like you, Paisley got a second chance at life and recently found a wonderful home with the man of her dreams.

“He had just moved to the Lowcountry and was looking for a companion,” English said. “He laid eyes on her and fell in love!”

If you’d like to help PAL rescue more pets like Paisley, you can have twice the impact in September. Donate in honor or memory of a beloved pet and your gift will save twice as many animals, thanks to a PAL supporter who is matching all gifts as a tribute to her foster pets.

Your dedication will be posted on PAL’s virtual tribute wall leading up to Remember Me Thursday on Sept. 23. For more information, visit

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.