As we celebrate the holidays that are upon us, let’s prepare for 2023 with some education on our hair and some myths and facts about hair.  

There are many old wives’ tales that some people believe just because they’ve heard them for ages. But with a bit of knowledge, we can realize how absurd they are. 

For instance, you might have heard that eating the crust on your sandwich bread will make your hair curly. That’s so funny – ridiculous, actually. 

Our hair grows out of follicles and the only thing that governs how curly or straight the hair is, is the shape of the hair follicle itself. If it is a completely round hole, the hair is straight. The more oval the follicles are, the curlier the hair is. It has nothing to do with your sandwich crust. 

Another unreasonable myth is that if you pull out a gray hair, two more will grow out of the same follicle. That is impossible. There is only one hair per follicle. However, repeatedly pulling out a gray hair – or any color hair – could result in the follicle dying, therefore leading to no hair growth at all.  

The outside layers of the strand of hair are called “cuticle layers.” When those layers are lifted, especially on the end of the strand of hair, the result is a split end. There are products on the market that claim to repair split ends. They simply will not. Nothing except trimming that frayed end will repair it.

Brushing the hair 100 strokes a night will not make it shiny. Brushing can make the scalp produce more oil, which could give the appearance of shine. 

Contrary to another myth, hair doesn’t grow any faster if it is cut regularly. Rather, it will stay healthy and therefore not have breakage. This in turn will make the hair that grows stay on the head so it looks like it’s growing faster. 

The outside cuticles also can be more rough, so using a towel and vigorously rubbing wet hair can cause less shine and more damage. Wet hair is more elastic and can be damaged easier. 

Brushing and towel drying wet hair also will damage and make the hair dull. If the outside layers are lifted, then there’s no reflection and shine. Chemicals and the use of incorrect products will of course damage the hair. A cool rinse will help those layers to close, making the hair reflect and shine. 

Just know that TLC is important in maintaining the health of your hair. Professional stylists are trained to help you maintain the integrity of the hair. Our professional products are helpful as well.

There is no sense in having something done that will harm the health of your hair. When in doubt, call a pro.

Wishing you the happiest holidays yet.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.